Author: pprice

Ep #17: How to Deal with Loneliness

Loneliness is something that so many lawyers experience, but rarely want to acknowledge and discuss with others. So, this is a great opportunity for me to share some of my own experiences as well as my clients’ to offer you some insights that might help you, and if you are feeling lonely, to turn that […]

Ep #16: The Truth About Balancing Kids and Work

This week’s episode is dedicated to all you moms out there. Whether you’ve got young children, or you’re further ahead with older kids, reconciling the distinction between your pre-parent life and your post-parent life is extremely challenging. I’ve personally spent a lot of time thinking about the realities of being a professional working parent lately, […]

Ep #15: Elegant Approaches to Difficult Conversations

Today’s topic is one that comes up continually in the coaching discussions that I have with clients. We all have some experience with difficult conversations. Whether it’s in your practice or your personal life, they’re pretty much unavoidable, and they range from slightly uncomfortable all the way up to absolutely terrifying.   Well, in this […]

Ep #11: How to Be Your Own Best Boss

Today’s topic is particularly pertinent to anybody who is their own boss. You could be a partner in a law firm or a sole practitioner, but even if you’re an employee who reports to others, you still have a boss-employee relationship with yourself, so you owe it to yourself to be the best boss you […]

Ep #10: 7 Steps to Free Yourself From Clutter

The inspiration for today’s podcast came from something I saw on social media recently. A friend of mine had posted a before-and-after image of her shelf. She’d been decluttering her home (something she’d been trying to do for years) and shared how she hired someone to help her in this process. And while I was […]

Ep #9: Are You in Integrity with Yourself?

As lawyers, integrity holds a very special position not just in our professional work but also in our personal existence. We are expected to conduct ourselves with a certain level of integrity, both in our work and personal lives. But what does integrity mean to you? Integrity can mean different things to different people. It […]

Ep #8: Say Good-Bye to Self-Judgment

As lawyers, we live in a culture of judgment. But judgment in itself is not a bad thing, it is only when you take on the practice of imposing it on yourself or others that it begins to hold you back. It is so important to look at how we are using judgment in our […]