Author: pprice

Ep #145: Why Time Management Is Different for Lawyers (And What to Do About It)

What makes time management so challenging for lawyers?   If you find yourself sacrificing time with friends and family, unable to practice adequate self-care, or unable to prioritize the things you care about outside of work, you’re most definitely not alone. While the practice of law presents a few unique challenges that make managing your […]

Ep #144: Design Your Ideal Weekly Schedule (and Create More Balance Inside and Outside of Work)

Have you ever imagined what a perfect workweek would look like for you? Do you have a plan for more balance in your life but struggle to stick to your schedule? Why is your ideal week currently just an aspiration, and how can you bring it to fruition?   You ultimately want to feel calm […]

Ep #139: Boundaries for Lawyers with Bena Stock

Boundaries tend to be a novel issue for many lawyers practicing in today’s world. In a profession mired in a culture of achievement and excellence, you’re not alone if the notion of setting and upholding boundaries feels scary, but the truth is it’s more important than you might think.   Bena Stock is a litigator-turned-counselor […]

Ep #137: A Business Plan for Lawyers

The promise of a New Year is an exciting time, and it’s the perfect opportunity to begin mapping out your future. It’s one of the most satisfying ways to use your time and there’s nothing I love more than writing out a plan, so to get you started, I’m helping you craft a business plan […]