Author: pprice

Ep #157: Confident Legal Writing with Amanda Haverstick

As a lawyer, how you position, manipulate, and present words is everything. Both orally and in writing, communicating well is one of the most important skills you can cultivate. You might be the most brilliant lawyer full of wonderful ideas, but if you can’t transmit that to other people, it’s going to waste. That’s why […]

Ep #156: Free Yourself From “Bad” Decisions

How often do you find yourself feeling trapped by a decision? Maybe you call it analysis paralysis, sitting on the fence, or one foot in and one foot out. Regardless of how you describe it, the overarching characteristic here is a sense of anxiety around decision-making and the pressure to pick the perfect option.   […]

Ep #154: Self-Care Made Simple and Sustainable

What comes to mind when you think about self-care?   Maybe you imagine being in a spa with a towel wrapped around your head, mud mask on, listening to gentle spa music. Perhaps you picture a silent retreat and being on a raw food diet. Whatever you envisage, my guess is you aren’t engaging in […]

Ep #152: Lawyers and ADHD with Erin Peters

There are a whole host of factors that can make living with ADHD extremely challenging, and there are most certainly certain practice areas or law firm environments that can negatively impact how someone with ADHD experiences their life. However, my guest believes that with greater awareness and knowledge, not only does managing an ADHD diagnosis […]

Ep #151: Speaking Powerfully: 3 Words to Stop Using for Greater Clarity and Confidence

Are you consciously choosing the words you say? How is the language you’re using sending the wrong message or undermining your confidence? What does it take to gain control of your speech patterns? And how can you communicate with greater clarity, confidence, authority, and power?   We’re at the very beginning of spring, which means […]

Ep #149: Investing in Yourself with Aman Costigan

If you’re anything like my guest on the show today, you’ve checked all the boxes in your professional life. You’ve learned as much as possible, honed your legal skills, prioritized having a broad experience, and maybe you’ve even made partner at your firm. But now what? What else are you chasing?    Aman Costigan is […]