Ep #156: Free Yourself From “Bad” Decisions

The Joyful Practice for Women Lawyers with Paula Price | Free Yourself From "Bad" Decisions

How often do you find yourself feeling trapped by a decision? Maybe you call it analysis paralysis, sitting on the fence, or one foot in and one foot out. Regardless of how you describe it, the overarching characteristic here is a sense of anxiety around decision-making and the pressure to pick the perfect option.


The fear of making “bad” decisions is a topic that comes up often in my coaching conversations with lawyers. If you see decision-making as binary, where there are either good or bad ones you can make, you’re not alone. However, have you ever asked yourself if decisions can be inherently good or bad? And how is your fear of making “bad” decisions keeping you paralyzed? 


Tune in this week to learn my process for rewiring the way you think about decisions. I’m showing you how thinking your decisions are “bad” influences the way you show up, why labeling your decisions as “bad” is problematic, and four strategies that will help you free yourself from so-called “bad” decisions. 


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • 2 ways the fear of making “bad” decisions comes up for the lawyers I work with.
  • What you might consider to be a “bad” decision.
  • How thinking your decisions are “bad” influences the way you operate.
  • What happens when you feel ashamed, embarrassed, or frustrated by a decision you’ve made.
  • The 3 biggest problems that come with labeling your decisions as “bad.”
  • Why labeling your decisions as good or bad is inherently faulty.
  • 4 strategies that will free you from “bad” decisions.
  • The skills required of you to rewire the way you think about decisions.


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