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Ep #44: Delegating Without Drama

Delegation has come up a lot in conversation with clients recently. It’s one of those topics that we need to explore a little more deeply because drama around delegation not only costs us our time, but it might be costing you financially in some ways you wouldn’t expect.   We know delegation is important, however, […]

Ep #42: How to Create Your Dream Job

Many lawyers I speak to reach out to me because they’re unhappy with their current situation. They don’t love their job, and some even want to leave law altogether. Often, the experience that’s shared with me is that the path they’re on right now felt like the best choice, but it was never the one […]

Ep #41: The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback is an underrated skill that none of us are really taught, and yet it’s an incredibly useful and valuable tool that we can all benefit from. You can probably think back to instances where you were given feedback or asked to provide feedback, but there’s so much more to be gained when we understand […]

Ep #37: How to Set Boundaries with Ease

I say this with love for all of you, but lawyers often aren’t the best at setting boundaries. This was definitely my reality and still can be at times, and it’s an experience that I know is familiar to many of my clients. It’s not that you don’t know how to, but when the time […]

Ep #36: Systems Checklist for Saving Time

Are overwhelm, chronic disorganization or procrastination common experiences for you in your practice? I’ve found that time and practice management are topics that have been coming up often in my coaching conversations, and the lawyers I work with are wanting to create systems in their practices for various reasons.   Whether you’re looking for a […]