Ep #157: Confident Legal Writing with Amanda Haverstick

The Joyful Practice for Women Lawyers with Paula Price | Confident Legal Writing with Amanda Haverstick

As a lawyer, how you position, manipulate, and present words is everything. Both orally and in writing, communicating well is one of the most important skills you can cultivate. You might be the most brilliant lawyer full of wonderful ideas, but if you can’t transmit that to other people, it’s going to waste. That’s why writing well in the professional context matters, and I have the perfect guest on the show this week to dive into this topic.


Amanda Haverstick is a lawyer turned writing coach for lawyers. She has spent over 20 years in practice as a litigator in Big Law and in-house at a Fortune 500 company. As a writing coach, Amanda shares tips and strategies to help lawyers become better writers, and her book, Dear 1L: Notes to Nurture a New Legal Writer has been described as the ‘it’ book to read before law school.


Join us on this episode as Amanda shares her insights on the importance of confident legal writing and her tips for writing with greater confidence. You’ll hear the common obstacles to excellent legal writing, Amanda’s recommendations for levels of formality, the changes in trends she’s witnessed, and what happens when you develop confidence in your writing skills.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • Why confident legal writing matters as a lawyer.
  • Common obstacles to confident legal writing that Amanda sees.
  • The link between confidence and the passive voice in writing.
  • Why understanding the differences between passive and active voice matters.
  • Amanda’s recommendations for levels of formality in writing.
  • What happens when you grow your confidence in your writing skills. 
  • Amanda’s top pet peeves when it comes to legal writing.
  • What makes for excellent legal writing.
  • The changes in writing trends that Amanda has witnessed over the years.
  • Amanda’s top strategies for writing with greater confidence.


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