Ep #155: Work vs. Family: Find Balance and Peace as a Lawyer and Mother

The Joyful Practice for Women Lawyers with Paula Price | Work vs. Family: Find Balance and Peace as a Lawyer and Mother

In celebration of Mother’s Day, this episode is dedicated to all of you lawyer moms out there. Navigating your roles as both lawyer and parent is objectively tough. Not only are you showing up in your professional work for your colleagues and clients, but you’re doing so much behind the scenes in your home life too, and you are doing a fabulous job.


If balancing your roles as mother and lawyer feels somewhat precarious, my hope is this episode acknowledges your experience and offers some guidance in finding the peace, harmony, and balance you’re seeking. You love both your children and your work, and there are real challenges that come with finding work-life balance. So the question is, how can you reduce the conflict in your roles and feel more in control of your overall experience?


Listen in this week as I celebrate you for everything you do and offer four strategies for finding the work-life harmony you’re looking for. You’ll learn why juggling your roles makes work-life balance difficult to obtain, a more realistic way to strive for balance, the importance of showing yourself compassion, and what you might have to let go of to create the peace and harmony you want. 


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • The importance of acknowledging all the roles you play in your day-to-day life.
  • Why work-life balance feels hard to obtain for both lawyer moms and dads.
  • One important question to ask yourself about your roles as a lawyer and parent.
  • What is creating a sense of conflict between your roles as a lawyer and mother.
  • How your roles as a lawyer and mother can complement each other. 
  • A more realistic way to strive for balance. 
  • 4 strategies for finding work-life harmony.
  • How to show yourself compassion when something doesn’t go to plan.
  • What may be required of you to create balance and find peace. 


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