Ep #144: Design Your Ideal Weekly Schedule (and Create More Balance Inside and Outside of Work)

The Joyful Practice for Women Lawyers with Paula Price | Design Your Ideal Weekly Schedule (and Create More Balance Inside and Outside of Work)

Have you ever imagined what a perfect workweek would look like for you? Do you have a plan for more balance in your life but struggle to stick to your schedule? Why is your ideal week currently just an aspiration, and how can you bring it to fruition?


You ultimately want to feel calm and confident about your workweek, but the reality is that the lawyers I speak with often feel like they’re at the mercy of their practices, exhausted, and overworked. If you’re ready to learn how to create weeks that align with what you truly want, the truth is you need systems and strategies to make it a reality, and I’m sharing my top tips with you today.


Tune in this week to hear why lawyers struggle to design and implement the kind of workweek that fuels all areas of their lives. You’ll learn how to avoid falling into the trap of serving beyond your capacity, the power of conducting a time audit, and five practical ideas for developing a schedule that works for you. 


I have created a group coaching program dedicated to supporting women lawyers, just like you, in your practice and your personal life. I’m going to help you create an even greater impact in your own life, and the lives of those around you. For more information, click here!


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • Why lawyers struggle with creating workweeks that align with what they want.
  • The internal and external challenges that make it seem impossible to create and implement your dream plan.
  • How you might be serving beyond your capacity to your detriment.
  • Tips for remaining in service to yourself so you can create a sustainable practice.
  • 5 ideas for designing your perfect workweek.
  • What a time audit practice looks like.
  • How to identify if your plan is working for you.


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