Ep #149: Investing in Yourself with Aman Costigan

The Joyful Practice for Women Lawyers with Paula Price | Investing in Yourself with Aman Costigan

If you’re anything like my guest on the show today, you’ve checked all the boxes in your professional life. You’ve learned as much as possible, honed your legal skills, prioritized having a broad experience, and maybe you’ve even made partner at your firm. But now what? What else are you chasing? 


Aman Costigan is a multi-faceted lawyer based in Edmonton and a yoga and mindfulness teacher for lawyers. She’s also a life strategist for couples and runs various workshops with her husband Tom. Although her professional life was thriving, she realized she had let go of all of her hobbies and was lacking a sense of excitement, fun, and joy in life. The solution she’s found? Investing in herself.


Tune in this week to hear why investing in yourself matters, and how Aman chooses to continually invest in herself. You’ll learn why women, especially, are prone to not investing in themselves, how the reluctance to invest in yourself may be manifesting in your life, why it’s your responsibility to invest in yourself, and what happens when you do.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • Why investing in yourself matters.
  • What investing in yourself means to Aman.
  • How Aman invests in herself and some of the best investments she’s made.
  • The impact she’s experienced of investing in herself. 
  • How Aman ensures she gets the greatest return on her investments.
  • The power of practicing constraint in relation to your investments.
  • Why understanding your habits and learning styles will give you the biggest ROI.
  • Aman’s recommendations for what to do if your investments aren’t working for you.
  • What prevents women, especially, from investing in themselves.
  • How the reluctance to invest in yourself shows up in your life.


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