Ep #152: Lawyers and ADHD with Erin Peters

The Joyful Practice for Women Lawyers with Paula Price | Lawyers and ADHD with Erin Peters

There are a whole host of factors that can make living with ADHD extremely challenging, and there are most certainly certain practice areas or law firm environments that can negatively impact how someone with ADHD experiences their life. However, my guest believes that with greater awareness and knowledge, not only does managing an ADHD diagnosis become easier, but success is inevitable.


Erin Peters is a psychotherapist, registered therapeutic counsellor, and former lawyer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. She provides therapy-related services to lawyers and adults with ADHD, and she’s here this week to take a deep dive into ADHD among lawyers and proactive steps you can take to deal with some of the most common challenges that arise.


Join us on this episode as Erin shares some of the most common challenges for ADHD lawyers in legal practice, and her top strategies for supporting yourself and others with ADHD. We’re exploring the power of educating ourselves on the impact of ADHD, what ADHD is and is not, and Erin’s five-step process for getting stuff done as someone with ADHD. 


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • What sparked Erin’s interest in the topic of ADHD.
  • How Erin describes ADHD.
  • The three main characteristics of ADHD and what it is not.
  • Why women with ADHD often go undiagnosed. 
  • Examples of how ADHD might show up for lawyers in legal practice.
  • Signs that you may be struggling with executive functioning tasks.
  • Erin’s 5-step sequence for getting stuff done as someone with ADHD. 
  • Some of the ways ADHD impacts one’s self-concept.
  • The challenges that high-achievers with ADHD might experience.
  • Erin’s top strategies for supporting oneself and others with ADHD.


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