Ep #160: Leadership Mindset for Women Lawyers

The Joyful Practice for Women Lawyers with Paula Price | Leadership Mindset for Women Lawyers

The leadership mindset is a common and emerging theme in my work with women lawyers. They often come to me at an inflection point in their careers where they need to make a big decision around their development, and it usually involves examining the role that leadership plays in their lives.


Whether you’re in a senior role and want to refine your leadership skills, or you’re earlier in your practice and don’t feel like you’ve quite found your footing as a leader yet, what would be different if you were to step into a leadership mindset? This is what I’m inviting you to reflect on this week as I help you embrace and embody the notion of becoming a leader.


Join me on this episode to discover what it means to adopt a leadership mindset and the top five characteristics of a leader. I’m highlighting the reasons for pursuing a leadership mindset, even though it may be challenging, what happens when you make this deep shift, and how to begin adopting a leadership mindset. 


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • What it means to have a leadership mindset.
  • The differences between a leadership mindset and a student mindset.
  • How negative self-talk might be showing up for you.
  • Why developing a leadership mindset is more about examining your purpose rather than trying to be perfect.
  • The top 5 characteristics of a leader.
  • What happens when you embrace and embody the leadership mindset.
  • How to adopt a leadership mindset.


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