Ep #66: (Cringe-Free) Marketing for Lawyers

The Joyful Practice for Women Lawyers | (Cringe-Free) Marketing for Lawyers

Marketing was something I never fully embraced or appreciated when I was practicing as a lawyer. There’s this impression in the law profession that if you’re a good lawyer, there’s simply no need to market. In a wider context, marketing is often seen as sleazy, sales-y, or annoying, and something you don’t want to do or even have time for on top of your workload. 


However, when I decided to become a coach, I knew my relationship with marketing was going to have to change. Starting fresh meant marketing was a commitment I had to learn to love. And even if you never change tracks, the truth is you’ve spent years in education and practice, and you are uniquely positioned to provide a service that can be so freeing for people, so why aren’t you letting them know you can make an impact on their lives? 


Join me this week as I help you reframe what marketing can mean, and offer practical strategies for figuring out what marketing style works for you. You’ll discover what is keeping so many lawyers from marketing to their full potential, why you’re missing out if you’re avoiding it altogether, and four simple steps for becoming more proactive when it comes to marketing in your firm. 



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • Why marketing can so often be a real challenge for lawyers. 
  • What might be currently stopping you from marketing to your full potential.
  • My philosophy on marketing and how I’ve learned to fall in love with it.
  • What you’re missing out on if you’re avoiding marketing altogether. 
  • 4 simple steps for becoming more proactive when it comes to marketing. 
  • 2 questions to reframe what marketing means to you. 
  • How to be strategic in your marketing.


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