Ep #142: Navigating Your First Year at a Law Firm with Adriana Paris

The Joyful Practice for Women Lawyers with Paula Price | Navigating Your First Year at a Law Firm with Adriana Paris

Joining a firm as a new lawyer or a junior lawyer can be incredibly intimidating. There is the legal aspect, where you may be inexperienced in the tasks the firm needs you to do. Then there is the aspect of working in a professional environment which you may never have experienced before. Developing your skills is a must, but how can you do that when you’re brand new to the field or firm?


To answer this question and many others with me this week, I invited lawyer, coach, and author Adriana Paris onto the podcast. As the Director of Attorney Development and Recruiting at Rissman Law, Adriana oversees the hiring, training, and retention of lawyers at the firm. She is also the author of Rising Lawyer, a practical guide for law students and junior associates who want to succeed in the legal profession. In her work as a productivity coach for lawyers, she helps her clients navigate the challenges and opportunities of their careers while getting the most important things done more efficiently.


Tune in this week to hear Adriana’s advice for new lawyers who want to grow their abilities as lawyers, establish themselves in their firms, and improve their productivity. She shares her top dos and don’ts for finding work, how to build connections at the law firm when you don’t know anyone and might even be an introvert, and how to develop the crucial skills you need in your role, like attention to detail.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • The qualities Adriana sees in new lawyers that are the greatest predictors of success.
  • Adriana’s top dos and don’ts for finding work as a new lawyer.
  • How introverted lawyers can build relationships at work.
  • The importance of new lawyers being physically present at the firm.
  • How to manage making mistakes and recover from them.
  • Adriana’s top productivity tips for new and junior lawyers.


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