Ep #139: Boundaries for Lawyers with Bena Stock

The Joyful Practice for Women Lawyers with Paula Price | Boundaries for Lawyers with Bena Stock

Boundaries tend to be a novel issue for many lawyers practicing in today’s world. In a profession mired in a culture of achievement and excellence, you’re not alone if the notion of setting and upholding boundaries feels scary, but the truth is it’s more important than you might think.


Bena Stock is a litigator-turned-counselor for lawyers and the founder of The Lawyer Mindset. Among the many issues she helps lawyers overcome, she’s also been teaching lawyers how to set boundaries for over six years. She’s here today to walk us through how to set boundaries in environments where it’s particularly challenging, and why reinforcing your boundaries matters.


Tune in this week to hear Bena’s wisdom on the power of healthy boundaries, and why many lawyers find themselves violating their own boundaries if they’ve set them. We’re exploring how it’s possible to have a successful legal career while maintaining boundaries, what happens when you operate without boundaries, and practical tips for asserting your boundaries.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • Bena’s definition of boundaries.
  • The power of healthy boundaries.
  • How our early life and family of origin impact our beliefs about boundaries.
  • The signs you may struggle with setting and upholding boundaries.
  • How your relationship with boundaries may manifest in the workplace. 
  • Bena’s suggestions for navigating and asserting boundaries where it’s not the norm.
  • The common mistakes we make around setting and reinforcing boundaries.
  • Why it’s possible to have a successful legal career while maintaining boundaries.


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