Ep #83: Sustainable Success: A Simple Solution for Resolutions that Stick

The Joyful Practice for Women Lawyers with Paula Price | Sustainable Success: A Simple Solution for Resolutions that Stick

New Year’s resolutions are an opportunity to set lofty goals that inspire and move us forward, but they’re also an opportunity for us to set goals that leave us feeling like we’ve fallen short. So, if you have a goal that you find yourself resolving to create year after year that you keep giving up on, you’re in the right place.


Although the New Year’s resolution frenzy provides a clean slate go to after new and exciting goals, there’s a chance you may also setting yourself up for failure and making it harder than it needs to be. So this year, instead of setting wild and unrealistic expectations of what you can accomplish, I’m showing you how to reinvent the way you set and achieve your resolutions. 


Join me this week to discover a new approach to setting and achieving your New Year’s resolutions. You’ll hear the traps we fall into when it comes to setting big goals at this time of year, the strategies that won’t work and why, and my three-step framework for success that isn’t hinged on some dramatic overhaul of your life.


I’m hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, December 21st 2022 at noon Pacific Time. It’s called 6 Steps to Sustainable Success in 2023, where we will be talking about what it takes for you to achieve your goals sustainably. If you’re interested, click here to register!


I have created a group coaching program dedicated to supporting women lawyers, just like you, in your practice and your personal life. We open on January 1st 2023, and I’m going to help you create an even greater impact in your own life, and the lives of those around you. Click here to learn more and to claim your spot!


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • Why we fall into a trap of setting unrealistic New Year’s resolutions.
  • The strategies that aren’t going to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions and why.
  • Telltale signs you might be looking to someone else to tell you what to do. 
  • The challenges you need to address before taking action. 
  • How to align your internal self-concept with the actions required of you to achieve the goals you want.
  • The power of small but consistent steps toward your goal.
  • 3 steps to becoming who you need to be to achieve your goals.
  • The skills required of you to achieve your New Year’s resolutions. 


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