Author: pprice

Ep #123: How to Be Your Own Best Advocate

The topic of self-advocacy is one that’s especially important for women lawyers to consider. It’s a challenge that comes up often for my clients who are incredible advocates for everyone else in their lives but struggle to advocate for themselves.    Whether it’s setting boundaries, charging your full rate, or anything else, the truth is […]

Ep #118: How to Handle Criticism

Criticism or negative feedback is a topic to which we can all relate. Whether in your professional work or your personal life, we’ve all experienced receiving feedback that has felt like a thorn in our side. It might have slowed you down, sown doubt in your self-confidence, or even outright stopped you in your tracks. […]

Ep #115: What to Do When You Feel Impatient

If you’re anything like me, you might find yourself struggling with feelings of impatience this summer. This time of year means many of us are trying to get just as much done with less time, and whether this is showing up for you in your professional life or at home with your kids, exercising patience […]