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Ep #97: How to Deal with Anxiety

The feeling of anxiety is extremely common among legal professionals. Whether anxiety is part of your personal experience as a lawyer, you have friends and colleagues who struggle with it, or it’s something that you understand anecdotally, there’s been an increased awareness of anxiety in the field of law, especially during the pandemic.   There […]

Ep #95: Career Transitions for Lawyers

One of the questions many lawyers reach out to me for is to understand what career options are available to them, and I offered my insights on last week’s episode. Another question that comes up just as often is about career transitions for lawyers, and this is what we’re diving into this week.   During […]

Ep #94: Career Options for Lawyers

The question of alternative career options for lawyers comes up a lot in my work. What I often see are lawyers who are busy practicing in their day-to-day, trying to squeeze in their personal life, and aren’t entirely satisfied with their careers but find a large part of their professional community doing the same.   […]

Ep #93: Mentorship: Building Confidence, Connection and Contentment in Law with Jessica Forman and Sarah Ewart

Have you had a bad experience with mentorship? Do you find it intimidating to put yourself out there and approach people with a mentoring request? The truth is even if you’ve had a not-so-great experience with mentorship, it doesn’t have to stay that way, and it’s also a step that can accelerate your career trajectory. […]

Ep #92: Succeed as an Internationally Trained Lawyer in Canada with Yanique Russell, Siobhan Lennox, and Gina Alexandris – Part 2

Last week, you heard part one of my conversation with Yanique Russell, Siobhan Lennox, and Gina Alexandris: three amazing guests who each has expert insights and unique perspectives to share on the topic of internationally trained lawyers in Canada.    As we dive into part two of our interview today, we are getting into even […]

Ep #91: Succeed as an Internationally Trained Lawyer in Canada with Yanique Russell, Siobhan Lennox, and Gina Alexandris – Part 1

This week, you’re hearing part one of a two-part interview on a topic that will be an infinitely valuable resource for many of you. If you’re a lawyer trained outside of Canada and want to learn what the process is like to practice in Canada but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right […]

Ep #90: LinkedIn for Lawyers with Louise Brogan

How are you currently engaging with social media? With a plethora of different platforms available to us, you’re likely splitting your time across them all. LinkedIn is probably one of those you regularly check, but it’s also very likely that you aren’t leveraging it for your business as much as you could.    Louise Brogan […]