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Ep #112: Wanted: Leaders Like You

You may not see yourself as a leader right now, and I invite you to question that this week. I was inspired by the first group of women who recently completed my six-month group coaching and mastermind program, all of whom have emerged as confident leaders. I have witnessed the power that stepping into leadership […]

Ep #111: Quiz: Is It Time to Leave Your Job?

The topic of transitions, and specifically the transition of leaving your job, is a delicate one. Many lawyers have reached out to me for help with this exact conundrum, and while some ultimately make the transition and leave their jobs, others choose not to. My goal this week is to provide a framework that will […]

Ep #109: How to Access Sustainable Motivation

We all resonate with a lack of motivation at one point or another, whether that’s professionally or outside of work. You’ve probably done your own research on how to find motivation and tried common strategies like setting smaller goals, taking breaks, or keeping to a regular schedule. If these tips haven’t proven to be effective […]

Ep #108: How to Find Work You Love

How can you find work you love? What kind of career would ignite your passion? Many individuals find themselves asking these questions, which frequently arise in the coaching conversations I have with my clients.   Whether you’ve reached a plateau in your career, lost engagement with your current work, or are searching for something to […]

Ep #106: 5 Signs You’re Stuck & What To Do About It

This week’s episode is dedicated to anyone who currently feels stuck. This is a topic that comes up frequently in my coaching conversations, and if you can relate to being in a phase of stuckness whether in your personal or professional life, what we’re talking about today will help you begin slowly inching forward.    […]

Ep #105: How to Deal with a Stressful Week

What constitutes a stressful week will look different for each individual. In a legal practice, common stressors in your day-to-day activities typically include emails, deadlines, court appearances, difficult conversations, or balancing personal and work life, as well as unexpected issues that require your attention.   Whether you have recently experienced a series of stressful weeks […]

Ep #104: Networking for Job Seekers

What comes to mind when you think about networking? Do you see it as an exciting opportunity to connect with others and share your skills and aspirations about your career? Or is it something you find so cringy that you could never imagine doing it?   Whether you’re currently looking for a job in the […]