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Ep #28: How to Uncover Your Blind Spots

My clients often come to me with questions like, “What am I not seeing here? What am I doing wrong? What else should I be looking for?” And for me, one of the highlights of being a coach is having these types of conversations and watching them have a-ha moments of clarity.   We all […]

Ep #27: From Self-Sabotage to Self-Trust

Self-sabotage is a sneaky habit that comes up for every single one of us. My clients are successful, high-achieving women, and yet, one conversation we keep coming back to in our work is the ways in which self-sabotage is showing up for them in their personal and professional lives.    This week, I’m shining a […]

Ep #25: More Time, Less Clutter: Revamp Your Workspace With Professional Organizer, Mylène Houle Morency

I’m bringing a guest to the podcast for the first time ever, and I can’t think of anyone better to introduce to you than my friend Mylène Houle Morency. Mylène is a professional organizer who runs Flo Organization in Montreal, she’s the spokesperson for HomeSense, and also the winner of this year’s Harold Taylor award.  […]

Ep #24: How to Thrive Under Pressure

When you are a practicing lawyer, so many things land on your plate. There are high-stakes situations, whether there is money involved, reputation, or family dynamics that are going to be affected. And as a lawyer, you may feel like a lot of this pressure rests on your shoulders, whether it’s coming from your clients, […]

Ep #23: When Your Gut Says “I Told You So”

Last week, I mentioned a painting project I’m currently undertaking in my home office, and on this episode, I’m diving even further into this story because it’s not only amusing but what happened is something that I know you experience in your day-to-day too, whether in your professional work or personal life.    I’m sure […]

Ep #21: How to Get Back On Track

What steps do you take when you find yourself drifting off track from your goals?   It’s pretty easy for us to sense when this is happening in an area of our lives like our health or our relationships, but when it comes to the realm of our professional work, we may not notice those […]

Ep #20: When You Need a Pep Talk

Something almost all of my clients come to me for in my coaching work is a pep talk. They need a cheerleader who can be a pillar of support through tough times or someone to bounce ideas off of. So this week, I’m offering a resource that you can keep coming back to when you […]

Ep #19: 3 Misconceptions That Keep You Stuck

What I’m bringing to the podcast today is central to the work that I do with lawyers. I’m giving you the three most common misconceptions that I see that stopping women lawyers in particular from creating a joyful practice where they feel fulfilled professionally and personally.   Are you at a stage where you’ve done […]