Ep #106: 5 Signs You’re Stuck & What To Do About It

The Joyful Practice for Women Lawyers with Paula Price | 5 Signs You’re Stuck & What To Do About It

This week’s episode is dedicated to anyone who currently feels stuck. This is a topic that comes up frequently in my coaching conversations, and if you can relate to being in a phase of stuckness whether in your personal or professional life, what we’re talking about today will help you begin slowly inching forward. 


Many lawyers, at some point or another, fall into a stage of feeling stuck. This is an extremely tricky place to be because, on the one hand, you might know that you’re unhappy where you are, and on the other, there’s often a lot of resistance against moving forward. The good news is that feeling stuck is normal, and I’m offering solutions to help you address it. 


Tune in this week to hear five signs that you may be stuck and how to overcome them. I’m sharing some of the common areas where I see lawyers getting stuck, how to shift out of dread, fear, or frustration, and how to use my framework for making inroads one step at a time so you can start getting unstuck. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • The 5 signs you may be stuck.
  • Why it’s normal to get into a phase where you feel stuck.
  • Common areas where I see lawyers getting stuck.
  • How to address each factor that’s leading to your feeling of stuckness.
  • An exercise for channeling your own wisdom when you feel stuck. 
  • How to create quick wins that will help you make progress. 
  • What is required of you to begin getting unstuck. 


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