Ep #96: Create Peace and Productivity With Your Calendar

The Joyful Practice for Women Lawyers with Paula Price | Create Peace and Productivity With Your Calendar

Do you feel like you’ve constantly got a full plate? Maybe it seems like you’re always running behind or there’s just too much to do and too little time. Perhaps there’s so much on your calendar that you’re often left feeling snowed under with no clue where to start making headway.


Even as a coach who spends her time living and breathing time-management strategies, I still find moments in my life where I need to revisit my own systems to address feeling busy and overwhelmed. Many lawyers and other busy professionals have multiple things competing for their time and focus. If you feel like you don’t have a clear idea of how to run your practice with a sense of calm, you’re not alone. 


Join me this week as I show you how to create more peace, calm, and productivity using your calendar. I’m offering four questions you can begin exploring as it relates to your current relationship with time management, and my favorite calendaring strategies that you can borrow in those moments when everything feels challenging. 


I have created a group coaching program dedicated to supporting women lawyers, just like you, in your practice and your personal life. I’m going to help you create an even greater impact in your own life, and the lives of those around you. For more information, send me an email!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • The problems you might face if you’re not careful about how you structure your time. 
  • 4 questions to ask yourself about your relationship with time management.
  • How time management is a way to gain and build trust. 
  • My favorite calendaring strategies for making my day feel less overwhelming. 
  • Why you have to develop a system for planning your calendar. 


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