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Ep #50: How to Deal with Frustration

If the feeling of frustration is coming up for you, you’re in good company, my friends. There’s a myriad of triggers that leave us feeling totally frustrated, whether that’s because of hybrid working models on the go, having to deal with difficult bosses or clients, or having no one to turn to in times of […]

Ep #48: Courageous Conversations at Work with Catalina Rodriguez: Harassment, Money and Advocating for Yourself

Something that comes up all the time in my work as a coach for lawyers is how to approach difficult conversations in the workplace. So, whether it’s bullying, harassment, negotiations, or anything else you wish you could speak up about, I’m bringing you the perfect guest to help you ease your mind around bringing up […]

Ep #46: How to Deal with Difficult People

Difficult people; we’ve all got them in our lives. They’re our colleagues, acquaintances, or even family and friends outside of law, and it’s an experience that isn’t unique to just legal professionals. But while running into challenging situations where we have to deal with difficult people is a normal part of our professional lives, it […]

Ep #44: Delegating Without Drama

Delegation has come up a lot in conversation with clients recently. It’s one of those topics that we need to explore a little more deeply because drama around delegation not only costs us our time, but it might be costing you financially in some ways you wouldn’t expect.   We know delegation is important, however, […]