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Ep #90: LinkedIn for Lawyers with Louise Brogan

How are you currently engaging with social media? With a plethora of different platforms available to us, you’re likely splitting your time across them all. LinkedIn is probably one of those you regularly check, but it’s also very likely that you aren’t leveraging it for your business as much as you could.    Louise Brogan […]

Ep #85: Powerful Tools for Difficult Decisions

To celebrate the start of 2023, we’ve been having a bit of a New Year theme happening here on the podcast. We’ve discussed creating sustainable success with your resolutions and being courageous moving forward, so if you’re looking ahead at the goals you want to achieve, changes you want to make in your practice, or […]

Ep #84: Being Courageous in 2023

The New Year signifies a clean slate for us to create whatever we want. You have 365 days to decide what you would love to have in 2023, what would feel magical to you, and how you’re going to embody the person you want to become.    Whether your goals for 2023 are to become […]

Ep #82: From Anxiety to Ease with Melanie Goela and Ellen Schlesinger

The law profession can often feel like a pressure cooker. There are systemic pressures and very high standards that exist, which make anxiety, burnout, and stress a common experience among lawyers. And without the right tools or support, carrying that weight of responsibility is extremely challenging.    This week, I’m speaking to two very special […]