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Ep #77: Mighty Words: Build Real Connection in Virtual Times with Stephanie Mitchell

Choosing the right words, whether you’re writing, speaking, or interviewing has the ability to paint a mental picture and bring the person you’re with into another world. When you’re trying to effectively and powerfully reach someone you’re communicating with, the language you use matters, and my guest this week is an expert on all things […]

Ep #73: Perfectionist Illusion v. Joyful Reality

If you’re listening to this podcast, I know you’re deeply committed to excellence. Your career is likely marked by your ability to produce high-quality work consistently and getting rewarded for it. However, if you find yourself constantly trying to prove yourself, working to the point of feeling exhausted or bruised along the way, you might […]

Ep #72: Analysis Paralysis? Here’s How to Get Unstuck

I’ve been having many conversations lately with lawyers who are experiencing the same conundrum, two of whom used the exact same language to describe the problem they’re having: analysis paralysis.    Analysis paralysis feels like ruminating over an idea, wondering if there’s a right or wrong decision to be made, and leaves you unable to […]

Ep #71: Partnership: Is it for You? With Allison Wolf

Partnership, at its core, is about power within an organization. Being a partner has strong historical and cultural implications. It becomes an identity for people, and connotes status and a place in your firm’s hierarchy. However, while it can offer many opportunities, you’re not alone if you’re moved by different motivations than checking this box […]